25W Small Aquarium Betta Heater with Free Thermometer


【Betta Heater】This Fish Tank Heater should be 100% submerged into water, Ideal for small glass or acrylic desktop aquariums up 1 to 6 Gallons, not suitable for less than 1 gallon tank.

【Quick and Easy Installation】:Vertical or horizontal placement using, Aquarium heater automatic temperature control 78℉, no need to adjust temperature, easy to operate, fishes happy.

【How it Works】: Plug in, red light turns on, the heater will start working until water temperature up to 78°F, and red light off, then the green light will turn on, heater stop working and keeping constant temperature 78°F. Accuracy:±3°F

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    • Please install and use this heater under rated voltage conditions(110V-120V/60Hz).
    • This heater is designed for small fresh/sea water tanks, please do not use it in chemical water or any other heating purpose, it may damage the heater.
    • IPX8 design, non-detachable, do not disassemble it, otherwise it will damage the heater.
    • To ensure the heater normal functions and safety concerns, heater should be fully subermerged.
    • Fish tank temperature is very easy to affected by the room temperature, therefore it makes the water temperature inaccurate, normally ± 3℉ differency.
    • To help the heater works more efficiently, please use the heater in a circulating water tank, still water will make the heater area water temperature higher than other side.


    This heater is free maintenance item, for the good of heater function and service life, we suggest:

    • Check the heater working status regularly, if any strange signs,please plug off immediately.
    • Clean the heater suction cups regularly (3 months)with 140℉ warm water and soak it for a while.
    • If you found any soil or moss things covered on the heater, please plug off the heater and clean it with fresh water after a few minutes later, especially the heating part stains. Do not use any other liquid to clean the heater, it may damage the heater


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